Owner, Designer & Developer | 2005 - 2010

A “Web 2.0” design and dev shop of three that offered a custom CMS called Sitecontrol.

We were frequently engaged to develop highly stylized marketing and biz sites for agencies and artists. I started the company, handled all the design, biz dev and some development. Our first year out we built a few heavily stylized Flash sites but it didn’t take long to go completely native web.

At this time content management systems were on the come up. However, integrating with the prevailing ones often limited what we could do creatively with the user facing site and the backend experience was often confusing. Realizing this, we built our own so that we could have complete control over the experience. We called our CMS Sitecontrol and leveraged its utility and ease-of-use to help us land much of our business. We iterated on the product for several years and learned a lot in the process.

Below is a sample of some of the sites we designed or developed back then. Clients included General Assembly, Heineken, Deutsch, Digitas and The One Club. In late 2009 I got turned on to Rails and attended a few Lean Startup events. From there I knew I only wanted to work on startup projects and spun the studio down to do so.