I’m a product designer with an engineering and entrepreneurial background. I use over 10 years of design, web development and startup experience to help companies solve problems.

Over the past decade I’ve designed or developed 40+ sites and web apps, raised money to launch two of my own products, deployed thousands of lines of production code (Ruby, Rails, JS, Go, PHP) and was part of the 2014 Techstars NYC class. My design approach could be considered two parts evidence-based problem solving and one part creative intuition. I love engineering and working with systems, but my formal training in art and design has finally won out. These days, I’m focused solely on leveraging my experience to design great products. Let’s talk. studio@elliottgolden.com

About Me:

  • Two time founder
  • Design instructor at Pratt
  • Techstars NYC alum
  • 10 years design experience

My Services:

  • UX + UI design
  • Prototyping
  • User testing + Customer dev
  • Consulting (tech + strategy)

My engineering background saves you time and money.

By knowing what’s technically feasible, I’m able to approach product design from a holistic point of view. This is of great value, for instance, when designing systems that rely on 3rd party integrations. By understanding what can and cannot be done with an API, I can develop realistic strategy and lessen expensive back and forth with a dev team. Responsive design is another area where dev experience is a huge plus. Instead of designing screens that are clumsy from a technical perspective, I can provide effective layouts that jive with core responsive principles. Beyond these points, I can create my own prototypes and assess effort to reward ratios for feature ideas. In short, my technical perspective can help solve a lot of problems before developer hand off.

I used to be a professional illustrator. I did tons of work for major clients all over the world. Have a look.

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