I'm a Product Designer and eater of Thai food. I use over 10 years of design, development and startup experience to help companies build effective products. Check out some work then let's talk. studio@elliottgolden.com


designer + developer

Concert Window enables musicians to stream live shows and monetize them. It's been exciting to watch their user base grow over the past two years that I've worked with them. Check it out.


co-founder, designer + developer

JobCrush showed users what life was like at interesting startups. Our algorithms used a company's existing visual media to create feeds that were used to attract passive job candidates.


co-founder, designer + developer

Puppystream is a photo-sharing community for dog lovers. After the 2011 launch, I raised money from several angel investors to focus on growth. By the time Instagram ate our lunch in mid 2012, we were a team of 3. Check it out.


From about 2005-2010 I ran a small dev shop called Simple Circle. My partner and I built a lot of biz-sites for an array of clients atop of our custom CMS, Sitecontrol. We iterated heavily upon Sitecontrol and used it as an effective offering to attract new business. Below is a selection of some of the properties we built back then.

Once upon a time... I was an illustrator. I did work for publications such as The New York Times, Newsweek, WSJ, Time and a bunch of others. This domain used to be for that portfolio.

Elliott Golden