Product Designer & Developer | 2012 - 2015

Thousands of musicians have broadcast and monetized their live shows with Concert Window.

The team engaged me to redesign the brand and rethink some workflows about 2 years ago. They were great and I liked what they were up to, so I continued working with them until mid summer 2015. Over that time I worked on the desktop, mobile web and iOS app and got to iterate upon the make-or-break flows like onboarding, show scheduling, artist discovery and the broadcasting experience. I learned a lot about solving dual-sided market problems and in the process my efforts helped improve their KPIs. Around the time we got into Techstars we were seeing some nice growth and I continued to play a key role in product design and web dev.

Onboarding artists and making sure they were ready to broadcast at showtime was key. An onboarding flow that would ensure they new how to broadcast and that their tech was setup correctly was very important. Based upon qualitative and quantitative data, I iterated upon onboarding until we saw our support requests decrease and scheduled show count increase.

Fan engagement at showtime is very important for artists, more so than revenue in many cases. In an attempt to amplify showtime buzz, I designed a system that integrated social sharing directly into the chat experience. Share buttons were given prominent real estate and when a share took place, a semantically colored message would go out mentioning who had shared and on which platform. Other fans would see the message and often take the same action, thus helping spread the word. I implemented this tactic for tipping as well. It proved to be highly successful and upped aggregate show revenue by almost 20%!

I designed almost everything that Concert Window shipped for about 2 years. This included the core products, pitch and content pages, branding, decks, print material and some social media collateral. Here’s a li’l taste...